She may be one of our most prolific artists, but Australian-based Irish singer Áine Tyrrell (Pronounced: Awn-yuh) is showing no signs of letting up, announcing the release of a new EP, another tour and a special collaboration with internationally acclaimed songwriter Glen Hansard.

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Having only just finished touring off the back of her debut Queen of Swords album, Áine is gearing up for the August release of her latest EP Fledgling Fall, featuring first single Dont Be Left Crying.

While the new music retains a connection with her traditional folk roots, it also finds Áine branching out – finding new sounds and a new way to tell her stories.

Part of that growth has been her recent collaboration with the multi-award winning Hansard, who met Áine on his sell out Australian tour in 2016.

Not only have the two worked together on this batch of songs, but also Áine will travel to Ireland later this year to record with Hansard and members of his much-loved band The Frames.

“It has been such an amazing opportunity for me to work with one of my songwriting heroes,” Áine says.

“He is a warrior of poetry and people. I feel blessed to have made such an inspiring friend and kindred spirit musically and being able to bounce ideas and share songs with him has been phenomenal for my songwriting and my soul.”

Never one to shy away from spilling blood onto paper, Áine had intended that Don’t Be Left Crying, an elegant yet seductively psychedelic folk song, to be one of those little mantras she had written just for herself.

But her long time creative partner in crime, producer, Mark Stanley and Hansard thought the song was destined for more.

“While most songs start off as personal, as this one did with my own heartbreak after a break-up, what makes a song powerful is when you can make the personal universal,” says Áine.

“This is where Glen and I agreed to serve the song. He added in some words that could have come straight from my heart or anyone. That is the beauty of song crafting.”

“Tyrrell’s songwriting talent is evident in the crafting of the lyrics in this vigorous, barely tamed LP (Queen of Swords).” – BMA Magazine

“Tyrrell’s irrepressible personality and indefatigable nature pervades Queen of Swords,

Rhythms Magazine