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Eleven tracks, 11 different styles held together only by the voice of singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer Raman Menon AKA Earprojector, who, apart from the odd guest musician or singer here and there on a handful of tracks, has singlehandedly produced quite the most diverse collection of songs that might loosely fall within the admittedly broad church of contemporary music dubbed “Indie pop” you’re likely to hear. Drawing influences from acts as diverse as Joy Division and Frank Zappa, The Beatles and Marilyn Manson (! – specifically on Slave To Your Blood) while never sounding anything like any of them, this Blue Mountains-based artist has a truly unique musical vision – eclectic, eccentric and anarchic by turns – which I suppose pretty much rules out his ever being pigeonholed, which, it seems, is his intent, committed as he is to allowing the creative muse to take whatever path it may chose. And the very best of luck to him I say.