CD Review: William Crighton By Marty Jones


William Crighton

William Crighton

ABC Music

Alt country/rock/folk

Everyone who witnessed William Crighton’s set at the recent Nannup Music Festival came away raving about the young singer-songwriter’s Australian take on folk and country rock. With an Elvis-sized voice, and the storyteller’s gift, Crighton’s stance is powerfully authentic. And proudly Australian. In ‘2000 Clicks’, for example, he sings about Cold Chisel records and “long straight roads” from the back of a white Centura – a vision we can all appreciate.

And whether by good fortune or discernment, Crighton has enlisted some top shelf assistance in getting his debut album to disc – Matt Sherrod, drummer for Beck and then Crowded House – produced and engineered the album as well as contributing drums and keys. Also contributing the album are Wagga Wagga guitarist Dale Allison, Matt Fell on bass and Jason Walker on pedal steel, amongst others. The sound is rich and panoramic, yet even so you can imagine that Crighton is perfectly able to sell these songs with just his voice and guitar.

Everyone will draw their own comparisons, but particularly in songs like ‘Woman Like You’ I hear a young Australian Springsteen in the everyman point of view and eye-to-eye / toe-to-toe delivery.

Original Australian voices should be celebrated and supported with all we have. Here is one to rally behind without reservation.

Martin Jones