Available From Rhino On April 29 And May 13

Linda Ronstadt grew up loving traditional Mexican music, and after becoming a superstar in the 1970s, the singer revisited the songs of her childhood to honour her Mexican-American roots with three Grammy-winning Spanish-language albums.

After being out of print for some time, Canciones De Mi Padre (1987), Mas Canciones (1991) andFrenesí (1992) will once again be easily available on both CD and digitally. Not only that, they sound better than ever with newly remastered sound. Canciones De Mi Padre and Mas Canciones will both be released on April 29, followed by Frenesí on May 13.

Each album is available for pre-order now. Canciones De Mi Padre is available here, Mas Canciones is available here and Frenesi is available here.

The albums all come with the original artwork and track listings. That includes the brief song introductions Ronstadt originally wrote for Canciones De Mi Padre (“Songs of My Father”). In the annotation for Rogaciano El Huapanguero she writes: “(Rubén) Fuentes recorded it in the 1950’s with Miguel Aceves Mejía, another hero of mine. It is one of the songs my brothers and I used to try to harmonize when we were growing up, so I asked them to sing it with me on the record.”

After its 1987 release, Canciones De Mi Padre went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album. To date, the record has sold more than 10 million copies and earned the distinction as the best-selling, non-English-language album in America.

Ronstadt released two more Grammy-winning Spanish-language albums in the early 1990s, starting withMas Canciones in 1991Her brothers – Pete and Mike – returned to harmonize with her on songs they sang together growing up, like La Mariquita (“Lady Bug”) and El Sueño (“Dreaming”). Another featured performer on the album is multi-Grammy winning accordionist Flaco Jimenez, who can be heard on Palomita De Ojos Negros (“A Little White Dove With Black Eyes”).

Ronstadt’s third Spanish-language album, Frenesí climbed to #3 on the American Top Latin Album Chart in 1992 and included the Top 10 hits Perfidia and Frenesí. It also extended her streak of Grammy Awards by winning the honour for Best Tropical Latin Album.



  1. Por Un Amor (For a Love)
  2. Los Laureles (The Laurels)
  3. Hay Unos Ojos (There Are Some Eyes)
  4. La Cigarra (The Cicada)
  5. Tú Sólo Tú (You, Only You)
  6. Y Ándale (Get on with It)
  7. Rogaciano El Huapanguero (Rogatian The Huapanguero)
  8. La Charreada (The Charreada)
  9. Dos Arbolitos (Two Little Trees)
  10. Corrido De Cananea (Ballad of Cananea)
  11. La Barca De Guaymas (The Boat from Guaymas)
  12. La Calandria (The Lark)
  13. El Sol Que Tú Eres (Sun That You Are)



  1. Tata Dios (Father God)
  2. El Toro Relajo (The Troublesome Bull)
  3. Mi Ranchito (My Little Ranch)
  4. La Mariquita (Lady Bug)
  5. Gritenme Piedras Del Campo (Scream To Me Stones In The Field)
  6. Siempre Hace Frio (Always Cold)
  7. El Crucifijo De Piedra (The Crucifix Of Stone)
  8. Palomita De Ojos Negros (A Little White Dove With Black Eyes)
  9. Pena De Los Amores (Love’s Sorrows)
  10. El Camino (The Road)
  11. El Gustito (Delight)
  12. El Sueño (Dreaming)


FRENESÍ (1992)

  1. Frenesí (Frenzy)
  2. Mentira Salomé (Lie Salome)
  3. Alma Adentro (Deep Within My Soul)
  4. Entre Abismos (Between Abysses)
  5. Cuando Me Querías Tú (When You Loved Me)
  6. Piel Canela (Cinnamon Skin)
  7. Verdad Amarga (Bitter Truth)
  8. Despojos (Fragments)
  9. En Mi Soledad (In My Solitude)
  10. Piensa En Mí (Think Of Me)
  11. Quiéreme Mucho (Love Me A Lot)
  12. Perfidia (Perfidy)
  13. Te Quiero Dijiste (I Love You, You Said) 





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