Lisa Richards Premieres New Single & Video

Dominoes‘ is the second single from the upcoming sixth album “I Got A Story” from Australian singer and songwriter Lisa Richards, the latest from the acclaimed singer and songwriter since she moved back to Australia from Austin, Texas. 

Last year Lisa  returned to the USA to record in New York City to record with Tim Bright.

As Lisa explains: “Tim and I first worked together on my debut release, ‘Not Quite So Low’, then three albums later we did ‘Mad Mad Love’ and co-wrote half that album together.  We completed recording this new one on November 18th 2019 which seems like an eternity ago, given all that has transpired since then.  I lived in the USA for so long that it seemed logical to me to work with people I know and trust and have history with. So I combined tour dates in the USA with recording this new album in New York, which was, in retrospect, crazy. This recording was completed with partial support from ArtsACT for which I am very grateful.”

Lisa says that Dominoes is, “A song about being young and out of control. This song was written on piano, which is different for me as I don’t really play piano. Growing up in Townsville North QLD was wild. I don’t make a secret of the fact that I began drinking at 7 and that I was dosed on anti psychotic medication from when I was 4 or 5 years old. The sexual abuse started somewhere in there and continued until I hit puberty. Alcohol and drugs were my close friends and it’s no wonder I was all over the place!  I was super confused about men, women, sex and relationships. I remember having this desperate need to be loved and desired and the suicidal spiral that would come over me when I was rejected. Which happened a lot.  I hung out with a gang of equally confused people and we were like dominoes!

“A huge part of my experience growing up was having no means of expressing what was going on for me and having no one to turn to for help or support. There was hopelessness, depression and lots of alcohol. I swear, I had no idea what a feeling was until I was 28 and I had no language for any of the mess that was swirling around inside me.

“Songwriting and singing has given me a way to process life. It’s given me a voice and a safe place to stand.  I only quit drinking and doing drugs so I could do music. I know, usually it’s the other way around, but for me I didn’t have a life of any kind until I got clean at 26. Life is very precious to me, even when it’s hard, and it is hard. I don’t pretend not to have scars, but if I can use my own experience to give courage to another human being, then that’s what I’ll do.”