Pony Face Nebraska – Live at the Bakehouse available now to Download.

Commoner presents Pony Face Nebraska – Live at The Bakehouse, Bruce Springsteen’s 1982 masterpiece album filmed live at iconic Bakehouse Studios.

Pony Face bring their trademark gothic blues sound to Springsteen’s seminal album and together with filmmaking team Commoner, forge a complete visual and sonic reimagining of Nebraska.

Director and lead producer, Aaron Cuthbert, said the Nebraska album had resonated with him since childhood, with it’s melancholy stories and down and out of luck characters.

Upon hearing Pony Face’s take on Springsteen’s track Atlantic City (from their 2014 double LP Pony Face presents Nebraska – co-released by Cobra Snake Necktie Records / Love & Theft Recording Co) the idea to commit the entire album to film struck him like Thor’s hammer.

“I immediately saw upon an opportunity to capture the raw essence of the band’s performance in an environment that plunges the observer directly into the stories and characters of the album.”

The result; a cinematic feast for Springsteen lovers and muso’s alike. A unique collaboration at one of Melbourne’s iconic music venues, Bakehouse Studios.

Pony Face Nebraska: Live at the Bakehouse is available for limited screening via our website from Friday May 20th 2016 at ponyfacenebraskafilm.com for only a $7.99 (1500 only!) or as a 48-hour rental for $1.99.

Trailer:  vimeo.com/124176005

www.ponyfacenebraskafilm.com and follow the links to download your copy of the film.