Dan Sultan Credit Noel Plummer

Not even the occasional bit of damp took away from the magic of the 11th annual Gum Ball.

With more people in attendance than ever before the overriding element of The Gum Ball continues to be the warmth and relaxed nature of the community with family and friends that come together to celebrate the quality diverse music over the weekend.

Beautiful people at Gum Ball 2016 credit Noel Plummer

Once again, the festival has enjoyed a hoard of congratulatory emails and notes applauding the organisation from crews and the picturesque site remained intact thanks to diligent cleanup efforts made by all the attendees, showing the utmost respect for ‘Dashville’

The Gum Ball crowd 2016 credit Jamesphotos

Elated fans enjoyed abundant highlights including, a stirring rendition of’ Purple Rain’ by Dan Sultan and a wildly spirited beats set from OKA rounding out Friday’s live music. On Saturday the perfection of The Break was never more evident when its members including Brian Ritchie, Martin Rotsey, Jim Mogine and Rob Hirst nailed ‘Wedding Cake Island’ before You Am I slayed the capacity audience with hit after a hit song deservedly retaining the crown as bell of The Gum Ball. 

The Gum Ball Ford credit Jamesphotos