Rhythms premieres Rose Zita Falko’s film clip for her debut single, A Town Called Lonely

Rose Zita Falko’s debut single, A Town Called Lonely, is an Americana storytelling song with a twist of Western Noir poetry.  It introduces the notion of loneliness, a recurring theme in each of her songs on her soon to be released E P Original Son.  Rose took visual inspiration from the many roads of country Victoria and NSW, on which she is a regular traveler, to garnish the lyrics with strong imagery.

Rose shot the video for A Town called Lonelywhile traveling between the small western Victoria towns of Gordon and Ballan, places that inspired the lyrics of this song.  She said, “I chose to shoot the clip in this location because it offered up so many different landscapes, from the lonely dirt roads to mysterious orchards and beyond. I love that we were able to capture some of that beauty’. Directed by Eddie Beyrouthy at Above And Beyond Productions, Rose Zita Falko wanted the film clip to echo the songs message, to draw the listener into a story they are all familiar with and can relate to, loneliness. With a semifinalist’s nomination credit from the 2017 International Songwriting Competition already to its name as well as making it into the iTunes top 20 Country music charts upon release, Rose is very excited to premier her debut single A Town Called Lonelyfilm clip with Rhythms.


Rose Zita Falko is set to release her debut EP Original Son this Friday June the 8that the Wesley Anne in Northcote, Melbourne.