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    Storm On The Horizon

    Melbourne singer / songwriter Grace Cummings makes a grand statement with her powerful new album, Storm Queen. By Ian McFarlane. GRACE CUMMINGS – STORM QUEEN (Sugar Mountain Records) For Melbourne singer songwriter Grace Cummings it’s [...]
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    Mick Thomas Kicks off 2022 at Archies Creek

    Mick Thomas Roving Commission,  Cool Sounds, Brooke Taylor & The Poison Spitting Gin Queens Live at The Archies Creek Hotel January 1, 2022 By Nick Corr.  Photos by Mark Hopper. Is there a better way [...]
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    AUSTRALIAN ALBUMS OF THE YEAR                 1. FIRST TIME REALLY FEELING Liz Stringer  2. THE WAIT Vika & Linda  3. ST GEORGE’S ROAD Black Sorrows 4. IN COLOUR Georgia State Line 5. THINGS TAKE TIME TAKE [...]
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    Get Your Vinyl Dog Trumpet Now!

    By Bernard Zuel. THEY’RE PUTTING US ON VINYLl! Top of the world, Ma, top of the world. In some ways it’s old news for Peter O’Doherty and Reg “my mother called me Chris O’Doherty” Mombassa, [...]