The Drama You’ve Been Craving by Michael Goldberg

1980’s Dylan Revisited: Springtime In New York

September 23, 2021

With Springtime in New York, we discover that Dylan did record great tracks in the ’80s, they just mostly didn’t make it onto his albums By Michael Goldberg The 80’s were bad years for fans of Bob […]

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The Shadow Knows What He Knows

July 2, 2020

After eight years Bob Dylan returns with his first double album of original songs since Blonde On Blonde and it’s an absolute masterpiece. By Michael Goldberg. Bob Dylan is 79 years old and he knows it. […]

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Bob Dylan Reinvents Himself – One More Time

February 1, 2015

By Michael Goldberg.  Improbable as it might seem at first, Dylan has recorded an album of songs associated with Frank Sinatra – and it’s damn good. I hated Frank Sinatra. As a teenager, Sinatra, who […]