Mark Isaacs – Sonata (ABC Classic)

September 14, 2023

Mark Isaacs – Sonata (ABC Classic, CD & digital) Mark Isaacs is one of Australia’s finest pianists, whose career habitually criss-crosses jazz and classical. Possessed of a pitch-perfect ear, he was dabbling with jazz improvisation […]

Teddy Thompson’s Love of Country

August 16, 2023

Review by Bernard Zuel. Teddy Thompson – My Love Of Country (Chalky Sounds) Yes, just as it says on the tin. Breaking no new ground, nor claiming to; done with reverence rather than adventure, and proudly […]

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Minor Gold Create Intoxicating Sounds

August 13, 2023

Review by Chris Familton. MINOR GOLD – MINOR GOLD (Independent) Both members of Minor Gold have already individually carved out successful careers – Tracy McNeil with her band The GoodLife and Dan Parsons with his three […]

Robbie Melville – Tangled Trails

July 18, 2023

Review by Des Cowley. Robbie Melville – Tangled Trails (Lionsharecords, LSR2381, CD & digital release). Melbourne-based guitarist Robbie Melville has been hiding his light under a bushel for far too long. Sure, his beautiful, minimalist sound […]

Damon Smith – A Fresh Harvest From Old Seeds

July 18, 2023

Review by Chris Lambie. DAMON SMITH – A FRESH HARVEST FROM OLD SEEDS (Momojo Records) Damon Smith made a big impression on the blues world in 2022 with award-winning album Skeletons, Skeletons, Skeletons. Among the accolades, […]

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Anna Weatherup: Crossing The Sea

July 9, 2023

By Michael George Smith. Anna Weatherup: Crossing The Sea (Independent) Sometimes you need to take one of those missteps in your career, take on something that on paper looks great but turns out to be […]

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East of West, Moving Home

June 29, 2023

By Chris Lambie. ABC Classic’s recent radio poll revealed Australian listeners’ 100 favourite musical instruments. With cello at number one, upright or double bass was 18th, oud 16th and 22% of votes for various forms […]

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