Aine Tyrell’s ‘In This House’

‘In This House’ is the newest earnestly honest and raw offering from Australia and Ireland’s folk powerhouse, Áine Tyrrell. A indie- pop story of coincidence and synchronicity, ‘In This House’ is an shared ancestral memory that Tyrrell as an Irish woman and the Aboriginal artists working on this project share. The track, produced by long-time collaborator Mark Stanley, features the powerful voice of indigenous artist Dane Kennedy.

‘I am Irish,’ Tyrrell goes on to say, ‘but there is a real sense of place in Australia in my music. It’s not strictly Irish and it’s not Australian. I am so proud of the musical heritage I come from. The sense of tradition musically is grounding, but tradition in its essence has boundaries, expectations, and ingrained rules. Leaving home made me push my music and myself out of that box. It has given me permission to break the rules,’ she says. ‘I have learned to draw from that deep well, but I value the freedom I have to express it in my way and I have Australia to thank for that.’

Tyrrell’s second album Return To The Sea is released on September 25.

‘The ethos behind this album was coming back to find a source,” says Tyrrell “My first album ‘Queen of Swords’ was very personal, a cathartic piece of art to be able to pick up the pieces of my life after a destructive relationship. It became a passage to freedom. Return to The Sea is about standing in power, owning your own skin and making sense of the shared responsibility we have as humans. The album embraces stories that have inspired me to do more than just sit and hope for change. It is my call to arms. Many observations between Australia and Ireland are scattered through the tracks, but the one common thread is that together we rise in strength when one human experience can mirror and then shape our collective understanding and action.”