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Anais Campbell today releases her Video, ‘To Our Home’, off her debut EP ‘Push Through’ (out now).

Not everyone can honestly claim social media changed their lives for the better, but for 17-year-old Anais, an opportunity to pursue a recording career presented itself in her Instagram inbox. She posted a photo after taking out 2nd place at the Ekka Country Music Showdown in her hometown of Brisbane, and was promptly contacted by producers Will and Michelle Gawley of Lighthouse Records in Nashville. She thought it was a joke, but soon found herself squeezing in trips to Nashville between school terms to record the EP at ‘Catch This Music’ Studios.

This single, Anais says, ‘came from a place of adventure and free spirit, that little bit of curiosity that we all have inside of us. I wanted to encourage listeners to run as fast as they can and walk to the edge of the world and to live life boldly and without regret. ‘To Our Home’ is uplifting and fun, just like life should be.’

Despite her young age, Anais has already worked with global legends like Kim Wood Sandusky, the US vocal coach who counts Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland as former students. Her recording band for ‘Push Through’ consisted of top musicians who have worked with Garth Brooks, Alison Krauss and Olivia Newton John, and performed on The Jay Leno Show and David Letterman.

‘It was amazing,’ Anais says of the recording process, ‘they were so respectful of my ideas and vice versa. It was just a creative hub. They were crazy talented. They heard the songs once and just played them perfectly and then some. It was phenomenal to see it all come together.”

Anais made the most of her time in Nashville, managing to not only record the eight-track EP, but also finding time to sing at the famous Bluebird and Douglas Corner cafés where perennial favourite Keith Urban regularly performs. Closer to home, she recently performed at RUOK Day in support of mental health, and will be playing at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January.

Anais’ upwards trajectory has been keenly tracked, with people in the industry describing her as an artist who has both a captivating voice and the ability to write and play her own songs. Amber Lawrence, the 2015 Golden Guitar Best Female Artist of the Year, worked with Anais at the Academy of Country Music and was ‘struck by her superb voice, obvious hard working drive and sense of style.’ She has a huge future ahead of her and there’s no doubt she’ll heed her own words and live life boldly and without regret’.

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