Barb Waters Rosa Duet vinyl reissue

Originally released in 2003, Barb Waters’ ‘Rosa Duet’ was featured in Rhythms Magazine’s Top 10 albums for 2003 and got a runner-up gong for album of the year from Rhythm’s editor and Off the Record programmer Brian Wise.

Two years in the making, produced by Craig Pilkington, the album featured duets and songwriting collaborations with a range of celebrated artists – the much-missed Cyndi Boste, Kim Salmon, Dan Warner, GIT, Anna Burley, Matt Walker, Ash Davies, Nick Barker, Lisa Miller, Rebecca Barnard, and Rob Snarski.

Twenty years later in 2023, ‘Rosa Duet’ finds a new home at Cheersquad Records & Tapes with its first vinyl release, pressed on beautiful red recycled vinyl. Paying homage to many of the great country duetists – Nancy & Lee, George & Tammy, Emmylou & Gram, highlights include: “Vacancy Signs” with Dan Warner, “Make it Count” with Kim Salmon veers heavily into Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra territory, while Nick Barker brings some Rolling Stones-y grit with “Split You Open”. ‘Rosa Duet’ is well worth revisiting or discovering for the first time.