Gareth Leach – ‘The Drive’ – New Music Video

Here is another stunning audio and visual collaboration between Gareth Leach and his Director wife, Jade Robinson. ‘The Drive‘ takes on the dark and mysterious lyrical concepts of the song, and then some.

Join Gareth on a journey through a black and white psychedelic dreamscape, and to a land where a friendly waltz in the forest turns into a surreal transformation, as you delve further and further into the imagery of early 1990s Norweigan Black Metal – complete with Corpse Paint and grainy footage reminiscent of bootleg VHS footage from the time. 

Usually when you hear the words “Power Struggles”, “Burning Churches”, and “Brutal Murders” some horrific story from the news is the first thing that comes to mind, not a song. This is NOT the case for “The Drive”, the brand new single from outlaw country artist Gareth Leach.Inspired by dark stories of the mysterious Norwegian Black Metal underworld’s history and folklore, this is a tale penned to song by Gareth and friends, current and former bandmates Joe Rullo and Anthony McCormick that is told to the setting of a good old-timey traditional Murder Ballad. 

“Having played in Metal bands from my teenage years right up until my early 30’s, I’ve been a fan of heavier music for as long as I can remember. So I guess I’ve been fascinated by the events that took place in Norway during the early 90s – both musically, historically and I guess some-what anthropologically, for some time now. The truth to why such music and crazy events occurred is not as cut and dry as it was reported in the news.”  

“This song doesn’t attempt to make light of these events, or the darker deeds performed by some of the members of this community – much like Dave Chappelle’s re-enactments of Rick James on Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood stories, this one story in particular, was just too crazy not to be a song. It’s got all the hallmarks of ya country song – demons, struggles, truth and possibly a tall story or two thrown in for good measure.”