Gareth Leach Releases Video For Latest Single

‘Honey’ is the latest brilliant single from Melbourne outlaw country artist, Gareth Leach, landing at #1 on the iTunes Top Country Songs chart.  

Distributed through Social Family Records, Honey was lifted from Gareth’s forthcoming new album, Trigger (slated for release September 4).

A strong and rebellious alt country rock track with all the right grooves, it raises its middle-finger at those preconceptions that you must own a house, have kids, have lots of money, be stable…all the good, sweet and gooey stuff.  It’s Leach’s way of saying we should be able to live life without pressure and externally injected anxiety. 

“Honey is about how fragile it all is – and largely dependent on money,” says Gareth. “Society places a certain and, for most people, unrealistic expectation on us and what we need to be able to achieve “self-worth” and to live a “successful life” in this largely narcissistic, secularist and nihilistic post millennial world.”

The artwork, like the song, directly symbolises this ethos with the almost embedded rebellious nature of real country music through the outlaws such as Haggard, and who could forget the iconic images of Johnny Cash’s “flipping the bird”; which is represented by the strength of “the hive”.

2020 has seen the return of Gareth Leach through his AA side release, featuring the singles “Down The Rabbit Hole” and “Old Crow Feather”, and more recently, his duet with fellow alt country artist, Michaela Jenke, “My Crime”, all taken from his forthcoming sophomore album, Trigger, along with new single, “Honey”. Gareth’s debut album Death & Taxes launched him out of the relatively unknown and into the Australian country and alt-country music scene as a heart-on-your-sleeve, introspective and honest singer-songwriter.