Jason Walker Video Exclusive Rhythms Premiere

Check out the video here:


Lost Highway artist, Jason Walke will be releasing his brand new album All-Night Ghost Town on August 12.  The album was produced by Shane Nicholson.


Originally from New Zealand, Jason crossed waters just before he turned 18 to become a writer and a performer.  His career has seen him perform in many bands (Youth Group, El Mopa, Captain Scarlett), release 3 previous albums (via Laughing Outlaw Records) and write numerous biographies (Gram Parsons, Billy Thorpe) but when the opportunity came to record an album for Lost Highway, Jason couldn’t speak about it for a long time. “And not just because it’s contractually prudent to keep such things under your hat; it seemed exactly the kind of opportunity that you could jinx pretty easily by talking too much about it.”






  1. Poison
  2. Love Is A Lie
  3. Twilight
  4. Borrowed Tunes
  5. Love Is Just Another Word
  6. Tears
  7. Our Mother
  8. Too Much Of An Ache