Mark and Rob Snarski Live

While they initially started together with Chad’s Tree in the early 80s; brothers Mark and Rob Snarski have taken very different approaches to their solo careers. With Mark now based in Spain – this show at the intimate Wesley Anne, part of a brief Snarski Vs Skarski Australian tour, is the first time have shared a stage together in over a decade.

Rob kicked things off with a short solo set, followed by Mark doing the same, before they came together for a few songs. There was a brief interval before repeating the same approach.

Rob’s solo performances included a delightful acoustic run through “Shane O’Mara Wore Mascara” from his most recent release with SnarskiCircusLindyBand, “Robert Mitchum at Mitcham Station” and “Conversation with a Brisbane Cab Driver” from 2019s Sparrow & Swan, and a couple of rarely played Blackeyed Susans songs “Ocean of You” and “This One Eats Souls”.

For such similar sounding voices the contrast in musical approach is remarkable. Mark played solo electric guitar and embracing an abrasive bluesy howl; a stark contrast to Rob’s mostly acoustic sets and more sombre croon.

Mark’s solo sets included material from his 2019 solo album I Have To Burn Everything Before I Start Cooking “This Kind Of Speed Kills”, “If You Loved Me, You Would Hide Me” and a drawn-out “I Want A Love That Never Ends”. “I Salute Your Squalls” and “Curable” from his most recent solo album Such Are The Sounds Of Trains and “You Can’t Hide From Your Yesterdays” the title track from his 2010 collaboration with Mick Harvey as The Nearly Brothers.

The highlight of the evening was when the brothers came together at the end of each set for a few songs, which included Mark singing Rob’s “Tender Like a Bruise” and “You’ll See The Moon”. They also delved into their back catalogue for The Jackson Code’s “Who’s Watching Who?” and “Bring Yourself Home To Me”, before closing with a final encore of Chad’s Tree’s “Stroller In The Attic”.