PREMIERE: Ross McLennan releases new single on Rhythms!

Ross McLennan will today premiere his first single from his upcoming album on Rhythms!

Listen to the track ‘Selling Good News’ now!

‘Selling Good News’ is the first single off McLennan’s upcoming album All The Colours Print Can Manage which is due out October 6 via Mistletone/Inertia.

The title of the upcoming album was inspired by a phrase from this first single.

As McLennan explained in the release, “it refers to very human visions of paradise: pictures fleshed out in hues from a colour matching booklet. The colours have corresponding numbers. The colours might look different depending on the paper stock they are printed on, and the light in which they are viewed. The people in the pictures are wearing clothes in a modern neat casual style. Complete families have died and are strolling peacefully through paradise with all their limbs intact. This is not so different to how the narrator views the world.”

McLennan continued: “Some of the songs on this record are hopeful, some not”

“This album took five or so years to make, and there is a whole other album on the cutting room floor. But I needed to get the balance between light and shade right.”

“I wanted to make a charitable album. To have some things that you could dance to and smile about, but not sell out sadness and despair. Across the record, there is a corresponding tension between physical reality and the mental drift to abstraction/distortion, the connected and the dissociative. There are the iron clad rules of the rotating earth and then there is a banana peel. The narrator has foot in each camp,” McLennan said of the release.

A mainstay of Australian music, McLennan has had success with his indie trio Snout and as a solo artist.

Ross McLennan & The New World will perform at the Melbourne Post Office Hotel on September 24, previewing the new album before its release.

All The Colours Print Can Manage is due out October 6 via Mistletone/Inertia.

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