Rhythms PREMIERE for Colin Bullock “Hold Me Up”

“Often new songs visit me while I sleep but it’s not often I manage to catch them when I wake up. This song came to me in a dream. I woke up straight away, grabbed my guitar, turned on voice memos on my phone and recorded what I’d just heard. I played a whole 4 minutes with three verses and a chorus without even knowing where the song was leading to. I just felt it out the way I had heard it in my dream. I see this song as a call for unity and community, ‘Let Me Open and Hold Me Up’ means, allow me to be free and to be myself…to be open and honest and support me as I do this. I think we all need to accept and embrace each other now more than ever and I wanted this so to send a hopeful and positive message.” – Colin Bullock


June 9 – Montreal, QB @ Shaika Cafe (8:00pm)

June 10 – Ottawa, ON @ Pressed (7:00pm)

June 15 – Toronto, ON @ Free Times Cafe (8:00pm)

June 16 – Niagara, ON @ Oast House (8:00pm)

June 18 – Toronto, ON @ Junction Music Hall (7:00pm)

June 22 – Whistler BC @ Mallard Lounge (Performance 1 – 9:00pm)

June 23 – Whistler BC @ Mallard Lounge (Performance 2 – 9:00pm)

August 6 – Vancouver, BC @ Harmony Arts Festival (4:30pm)