Sydney Guitar Festival announces second lineup for inaugural event

Sydney Guitar Festival

The Sydney Guitar Festival have announced the second lineup for the inaugural event.

The second lineup includes Zane Banks, Van Larkins, Drey Rollan, Clayton Doley, Michael Fix, Damian Wright, Ben Hauptmann, Adam Miller, Joe Robinson, and Claude Hay who will be supporting Richie Kotzen. These artists will be joining an already solid lineup Guitarra, an Australian tribute to Eric Clapton’s Crossroads, Richie Kotzen, Sarah McLeod, Sheryl Bailey, a tribute to B.B. King and Chuck Berry, James Norbert Ivanyi and more.

The festival is a showcase of both performance and workshops, and in its inaugural year it will also be featuring film.

As the announcement read, “The festival will also feature an exciting premiere screening of a new Modern Acoustic guitar documentary “Acoustic Uprising”, that features Tommy Emmanuel, Andy Mckee, Kaki King and Newton Faulkner, just to name a few. The film, from Melbourne film-producer Drew Roller, is dedicated to taking a magnified look at the world of modern Acoustic Fingerstyle guitar, through the lens of its history and its people to truly understand the music and movement.”

The festival will take place between August 23 and 27.

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