Team Love Premiere New Single: ‘Education’

Ahead of the release of their debut album Team Love on September 18, 2020, Team Love today release its third single, ‘Education’, a song that finds them taking their harmonies and vocal interplay to a place of heartache and reflection. Over gently strummed guitar and lightly melodic piano, Ruby McGrath-Lester sings, with a keening and pleading quality, about the question of learning from one’s mistakes and actions.

“The first version of ‘Education’ was actually written quite a while ago, in 2015 I think. So, before the band even existed,” Ruby reveals. “The idea is about how you learn from our experiences. But also that sometimes you can already feel like you have experienced hurt, heartbreak, being done wrongly. So why did I have to go through it again? What was the point of this if it was just going to lead to hurt? Do you feel like you achieved in schooling me in being hurt? Because I already knew about it…”