Terra Grimard – Video Premiere

After seven years, Canada’s Terra Grimard returns with her third full-length album, The Water Album. Delivering dreamy vocals over lush production, Terra creates an alluring atmosphere with the release of her new single ‘Islands.’

Terra explains, “Islands is about feeling isolated and desperate to find a home. I was exploring Australia by boat and literally wanted to get to land and find a house to live in. Call it cabin fever, but I really craved to have 4 walls and a veggie patch. Retrospectively I see that home is a feeling inside ourselves no matter where we are and Islands also reflects that.” 

After winning the “Women in Rock” grant in VancouverCanada, Terra developed her craft where she then recorded her first full length album Unconventional Shining (2009) which is mixed and mastered by Husky Huskolds(Norah Jones, Yael Naim). Her second full-length album Leopardwood (2013) was inspired by the outback of Australia. After falling in love with the land, Terra had her recording gear sent over from Canada and set up a space to track in the very rustic shearers quarters in which she lived. Leopardwood took a more acoustic, guitar driven and rootsy approach to correlate with this setting and Canadian producer Mike Ardagh added the finishing touches.

Mike Ardagh’s production work on The Water Album delivers an electronic undertone, with the soundscape exploring layers of samples and synthesizers with grooves that range from punchy to withdrawn. There is a maturity in Terra’s voice and a settled strength in her writing, with the new album recorded in various studios across TorontoVancouverCalgary and Australia.

Terra says “It’s amazing working online and across seas and being able to create music like this. We did some vocal tracking in live Pro Tools sessions together, me in my studio, Mike in his on the other side of the world. The technology is pretty amazing“.