Timi Temple releases video for ‘Sands Of Time’

Timi Temple Photo: supplied

After collaborating with Dope Lemon’s Katie Luna, Timi Temple has released a video for his song ‘Sands Of Time’.

The song was inspired by five year old Timi Temple and an incident with a fish.

Timi Temple, aka Timothy Lockwood, explains:

“When I was a kid we had a fishtank in the house, behind the dining table, on a glass shelf. Underneath the tank was a heater, now, I don’t know whose bright idea it was to put the heater under the tank, but one cold night I thought I’d do the right thing by turning on the heater. A child’s first attempt at taking initiative. Unfortunately no one from my family realised I had done this, so I was put to bed and the rest of my family retired for the night without turning off the heater. I woke up to my family arguing about who left the heater on – the fish were pretty much boiled and floating across the top – and when I was asked, I feigned ignorance. It ate at me for a while, the guilt not washing off my consciousness. But soon it was ‘lost in the sands of time’ and forgotten. It hit me like a freight train when, at 15, I decided to buy my own ‘first pet’ and picked up a fish tank. I put my thoughts down on paper and I guess the song is my confession.”

Timi Temple also elaborated about the video:

“I was checking out some influences and came across a peculiar video for Dope Lemon’s song Uptown Folks. It was an animated video that seemed like an amalgamation of a bunch of other clips from past and present. I thought something similar to this would be perfect for this song, and the catalyst for which was a decade prior. I tracked down Katie and asked how she was able to do the video, after a bit of chatting I showed her my music and she loved it and now we’ve got some awesome art together!”

Watch now!

‘Sands Of Time’ is out now.