Tom Petty Estate Releases a Trio of New Songs

In celebration of what would have been Tom Petty‘s 73rd birthday on 20th October, his estate have released a trio of new unreleased recordings.

The first two songs “Help Me” and “Mystery of Love’ have been included as part of a digital only re-issue of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers’ 2010 blues album Mojo, dubbed the Extra Mojo Edition. You can listen to Help Me and Mystery of Love on Youtube now. Concurrently Warner Brothers have also reissued Mojo on limited edition translucent red vinyl, available exclusively in indie retail and the Tom Petty Store. This is the regular edition of the album without the Extra Mojo bonus tracks.

Also available¬† is an unreleased track from Petty’s 1994 release Wildflowers “What’s the Matter with Louise”.¬†This is an Amazon Music exclusive for 90 days, before hopefully receiving a wider release. Also on Amazon, Mary Wharton’s well regarding 2021 documentary ‘Somewhere You Feel Free’ covering the making of Wildflowers has been added to Amazon Prime.

Happy birthday Tom!