CD Review: Starlite Campbell Band

March 27, 2017

Starlite Campbell Band Blueberry Pie Supertone Records Blues/R&B Starlite Campbell is a UK outfit fronted by Suzy Starlite and partner Simon Campbell, and Blueberry Pie is an album that has been proving particularly popular with […]


December 7, 2016

Andy Fairweather Low is possibly one of those names that doesn’t truly register with many.  And yet, this guy from Wales is without doubt one of the most important and significant musicians of a generation. […]

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Izzy Young by Iain Patience

November 9, 2016

Just for starters, no doubt many will be asking themselves just who is Izzy Young. The answer to those old enough to be in the know: a genuine roots music giant, a guy whose huge […]

Jenny Biddle by Sue Barrett

November 1, 2016

Singer/songwriter Jenny Biddle’s Australian tour kicks off in Sydney in early November. Now residing in Scotland, Biddle has new songs that reflect her Scottish experiences, as well as Australian-focussed songs, like ‘Our Darkest Day’ (about […]